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Chairman's Message

Sri.G. RajaMohan Chairman

Holistic education is a never-ending exercise aiming to mould and shape the human body, mind and character. Students who are the future of our nation should imbibe the values of our ancient culture and heritage, the “Aarsha Bharatha Samskara” to contribute to the society, nation and the world. Saraswathi College of Arts and Science aims at promoting and proliferating these values of morality, ethics, scientific temperament and imaginative thinking among the student fraternity and inspire them to become the future leaders of the world.

Our vision is built on hard work, open communication, robust teamwork and high responsibility. This allows and helps our students not only to tackle the present-day challenges but also their individual responsibilities to our nation and our society at large. We aim to equip our students with skills and talents to relate learning solutions to real-life and encourage the students to attain this knowledge with the support of our dedicated faculty and administration. Our institution has set definite aims and planned activities for achieving excellence in all spheres of education.

We intend to mould personally mature, professionally furnished and service-oriented graduates and the effort the administration takes for this is commendable. We strongly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise on teaching standards or discipline. These three things are the springboards on which we function. We at Saraswathi College of Arts and Science are committed to building a better society through quality education and ideal principles. Our aim is to enable our students to excel in all standards of life and become good citizens. We constantly improve the system, infrastructure and services to satisfy the students, parents, locality and society.