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B.Sc. Geology

BSc Geology or Bachelor of Science in Geology is a 3 year-long undergraduate level bachelor degree course focused on earth science. The course involves the study of rocks, minerals, other solid substances, their compositions, their history and other processes involving them. This course is spread over 6 semesters and covers subjects like Crystallography, Mineralogy, Igneous Petrology, Stratigraphy of India etc. The course also includes fieldwork and exploration. Several job opportunities are also available after completing BSc in Geology. Some of the job profiles offered are- Geologist, Petrologist, Hydrogeologist, Mine Supervisor, etc. The department has been active in scientific deliberations and interactions by hosting geological surveys and field trips. The Geology lab is equipped with about 250 minerals and 75 rock samples and is being updated regularly. It has a state-of-the-art laboratory with all fundamental facilities with a modern petrological microscope for various petrological studies. Department of Geology conducts field trips and study tours each year for the final year students, in collaboration with Geological Survey of India.


  • Full-Form: Bachelor of Science in Geology
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Top BSc Geology Jobs and Career Prospects: Marine Geologists, Petroleum Geologists, Hydrogeologist, Palaeontologist