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B.Sc. Psychology

BSc Psychology or Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a full-time undergraduate program which is of 3-year duration. The BSc Psychology subjects include the study of mental processes, motives, reactions, feelings, crisis management, group thinking, motivation and nature of mind. There are ample BSc Psychology Jobs available for the graduates. Starting from the role of Neuropsychologist to Career Counsellor and even more are available for the students. This is to note that candidates with this qualification are not limited to any one industry but to various industries like Schools, Colleges, Laboratories, Cinics, Organizations, Hospitals, Sports, etc. BSc Psychology scope is high as it is one of the fields to witness tremendous growth. The department offers physiology and statistical methods in psychology as it’s complementary subjects.


  • Full-Form: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Job opportunities/scope: mental Health technician, clinical psychologist, counsellor