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College Bus Service

As Saraswathi College of Arts and Science is a sister concern of Saraswathi Vidyalaya, we use the school bus service as our college transportation service. Four buses are allotted to the college as of now. Buses owned by the college will be commissioned once regular classes start. The bus service is very much helpful to the students and staff for their journey to and from the college and for various industrial/field visits in connection with the curriculum. The students are issued identity cum bus pass during the admission process. Buses run in and around the city collecting students and staff from specific pre-fixed points. Bus service is available on all regular working days.

Rules for availing Bus Service

1. Students who wish to avail the bus facility are directed to apply for the same in advance or during the admission time itself

2. Students have to remit the annual bus fee, in two equal instalments, or as per the instruction of the office administrative staff.

3. Students have to collect their “Bus Pass” from the college office, before availing the bus facility. They are also directed to produce the Bus Pass for verification on all regular working days.

4. Bus fee, once remitted will not be refunded.

5. If a student wants to discontinue the bus facility, he/ she must apply for the same in advance, before starting the particular semester.

6. Students must behave with dignity and courtesy in the bus.

7. Students without bus pass are strictly forbidden from travelling in the college bus, unless with special permission from college authorities.